Brake pads are a key component of disc brakes used in automobiles. Without the pads there would be little to no slowing, very harsh gnashing and scraping of metal on metal, and the ultimate result would most certainly be extreme damage.

Damage to the larger "system" that is the automobile itself, possibly to other automobiles, other property, and potentially even people, others including ourself. Yes, brake pads could be seen as just as important as any other part of a modern auto, and without it, much of modern ground transportation is not possible.


When it comes to our code, slowing down is necessary just the same as it is when driving a car. And PaDS aims to become a key component of your work flow just as the disc brakes of the last automobile you were a passenger of...


So the PADS service has been made generally available today, so a browser refresh should get your UI to update. Additionally the NiM client update has been pushed to GitHub and the Microsoft Edge Web Store:

The NiM client is not required for debugging via the dashboard, however it allows access to the locally hosted version of DevTools vs that which is appspot hosted:

Install from NPM

Install the brakecode package from npm npm install -g brakecode or use npx as shown with npx brakecode. You can pass your API key and/or the UI will ask for it and save the key under the .brakecode configuration directory. You can find your brakecode API key either in the dashboard in the Account panel or in NiM's settings.



Below you can see the PADS service in action.

NiM Chromium Extension with PADS enabled remote tabs.

NiM Chromium Extension with PADS enabled remote tabs.

BrakeCODE Dashboard showing PADS panel "ec2" and "node" hosts are remote Node.js servers


BrakeCODE Dashboard opening remote DevTools via PADS panel